Angelo Fusco is Dr. Tie

Expensive materials, exclusive designs and craftsmanship. Ties signed Angelo Fusco are a luxury for the discerning

Tom Cruise calls him amicably “dr. Tie “: Dr. Tie, but Angelo Fusco is first of all an esthete, a lover of beauty and lover of details. He, well-known celebrity plastic surgeon and entrepreneurs, born in Roccamonfina in the province of Caserta, rather than cure, ties, prefers to create them and wear them. In fact, the person chooses the plots and the finest silks, from Bourbon St. Leucio those Indian or Como, until the vicuna, a rare and prized Peruvian wool.
His passion for accessories, which Fusco cultivated since his youth. Elegant, but not excessive, always in search of the special “that makes the difference”, from Caserta surgeon began his adventure in the world of luxury asking Neapolitan artisans to pack for personal use and enjoyment unique ties. The buzz of a few select friends, charmed by the beauty of the models, it has promoted the request and turned the hobby into a pleasant work, laying the foundation for the opening of the Milan store, which opened in December 2002 in via Montenapoleone 25.
the boutique, cozy and quiet, overlooking an ancient passageway that connects via Montenapoleone to via Bigli. A passage that, until the last century, housed the workshops of milkmen and retains traces of the ancient Church of San Donnino to Mazza, dated XI century. On boulders used as a base of the brick wall you can see engraved the cup, a sacred symbol whose hemispherical shape recalls the sun and the mystery of life.
Entering the Angelo Fusco space you will be fascinated by the famous ties to “seven folds”, inspired to a model of the twenties and thirties, and so called because they have a particularly full-bodied – due to the number of pleats used to pack it – you will never lose volume. Special ties, since they do not exist more than two equal, realized in Jacquard, ie only woven and formed from a single piece of cloth, also used as an internal coating. The craftsmanship allows to assemble the front and rear with a single seam, whose thread, left deliberately abundant, making it more elastic tie, facilitating the knot.
Apparently anonymous, ties signed Angelo Fusco are designed to be recognized the watchful eye of a connoisseur. They not by chance are sold in a refined package sealed with red wax, complete with certificate confirming the destruction of the fabric piece from the advanced workmanship and fabric code for a possible reorganization of the customer. In fact, are not produced more than a hundred copies a month, declined in key colors and fashion patterns or logoed with a small chestnut, symbol of the brand.
But space at 25 Via Monte Napoleaone is also a place where fashion and art merge . Repeatedly the scene of events and concerts, as evidenced by the grand piano in it, the boutique also hosted an installation of the Japanese sculptor Makoto and concerts of pianist Erika Iguchi.
Appreciated and now known throughout the world, Angelo Fusco does not seem to want to stop and his Roccamonfina seal is preparing for a new challenge: the enhancement and promotion of ” Volcano Water “that flows from the source of San Silvestro, located in the heart of the chestnut owned contractor. It is crystal clear water, acalcica and diuretic, therefore particularly suitable for those who follow a dietary diet. A luxury drink, located at the top end of the market, the packaging of which, pronounces the “surgeon ties”, it will definitely live up to the content. Moreover, as claimed by the architect Mies van der Rohe, “God is in the details”.

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