Chestnut Treatment:

An extract of horse chestnut has recently been shown to have one of the highest ‘active-oxygen’ scavenging abilities of 65 different plant extracts tested. Such extracts are more powerful anti-oxidants than vitamin E, and also exhibit potent cell-protective effects, which are linked to the well-known anti-ageing properties of anti-oxidants. The extract is also rich in a number of flavonoids, such as derivatives of quercetin and kaempferol. Flavonoids also have protective effects on blood vessels, and are well-known, powerful anti-oxidants. Dr Angelo Fusco Cosmetics has successfully been able to integrate anti-aging formulae for the skin through natural substances.

Camel Milk:

Fascinated after drinking Camel Milk in the Middle East Dr Fusco started exploring the benefits and properties. He then found a lot of anti-aging properties in the milk after in depth laboratory research which he then manifested into a new cosmetic line of Dr Angelo Fusco Cosmetics.
Camel milk contains vital immune properties and is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids for softening the skin, keeping it supple, smooth and preventing wrinkles. Camel´s milk is saturated with proteins used in moisturizing creams, rich in Vitamin C (a natural anti-oxidant), and anti bacterial agents to help protect and maintain healthy skin. it also contains an abundance of vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and carotene.


The smell of nature, flowers and fresh air around his house inspired him to invent his own natural perfume line which was used only by him and close family initially. Because of its popularity within the community he then made this luxury scent available exclusively to certain people around the world.

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